Rubber Machinery Rebuilding Services

Rubber Machinery Rebuilding Services

Rebuild Press – Slab Slides and Four Post Presses

  • Disassembly, sandblasting, inspection & magnifluxing
  • Metalizing with stainless steel or bronze and machining ram, cylinder, guiding ring, gland ring, and packing area to obtain new machined surfaces, new clearances and accept a new monoseal seal.
  • Priming & painting to color specifications with anticorrosive paint.
  • Rebuilding all bolster guides
  • Supply new steam or electrically heated platens or rebuild the existing platens, including: blanchard grinding top and bottom surfaces for parallelism, hydrostatic pressure test for leaks, acid clean steam passages, etc.
  • Installing new Allen Bradley PLC controls for complete manual and automatic operation, temperature regulation, etc.
  • Installing new pullback cylinders for faster opening and cleaning
  • Designing and supply new Hydraulic systems using Vickers components.
  • Test Running Complete System With Customer Present prior to shipping.



Cold Feed, Hot Feed, Pin Types, Strainers, Preformers
Disassembly, sandblasting, inspection & magnifluxing
Rebuilding gear reducer: install new bearings, new oil seals, new gearing – if needed, etc.
Installing rebuilt or new ac/dc variable speed motor.
Installing new variable speed SCR drive (Analog or Digital).
Installing new bimetallic liner 58-60 R or hone existing liner.
Rebuilding stock screw with stellite and grind OD to new clearances.
Designing and supplying new stock screw/barrel to specifications.
Installing new rotary joint with new spray pipe for screw cooling.
Hydrostatic pressure testing of cooling jackets.
Priming & painting to color specifications with anticorrosive paint.
Supplying new or rebuilt head to specifications.
Installing new operator station with start, stop, speed potentiometer/indicator, reversing, temperature indicators, etc.
Supplying power roll feeding system, new or rebuilt.
Supplying vacuum capabilities.
Breaker plate and filtering capabilities.
Supplying new temperature control units “TCU’s”
Test running complete system under power, customer present.
We also supply other accessories for general extrusion and hose making, such as: screen changers, take-up & let-off conveyors, laser gauging devices, continuous vulcanizing lines, winding units, cooling units, autoclaves, etc.



Refiners, Crackers, Warm-Up Mixing
Disassembly, sandblasting, inspection and magnifluxing.
Installing new bronze or roller bearings with new lubrication channels.
Machining bearing journals to match new bearing size.
Grinding roll surfaces to obtain zero roll nip clearance.
Chroming of rolls, stock guides, etc.
Installing new rotary joints and new spray pipes.
Converting bull gear & pinion drives to direct connected.
Installing new slow speed chain couplings.
Fabricating new unitized base to support all components
Rebuilding gear reducer: installing new bearings, new oil seals and new gearing as needed, etc.
Installing new electric motor or rebuilding existing one.
Designing & installing new motor starter and operator controls
Installing new centralized and automatic lubrication unit.
Installing new Hagglund hydraulic drive.
Installing new motorized roll adjustment
Installing new mill pan.
Installing new stock guides, split type, pneumatically removable, etc.
Priming & painting to color specifications with anticorrosive paint.



Straight Inverted-L, Z-Design.
We will rebuild and modernize to Specifications.
Two Rolls, Three Rolls, Four Rolls, Etc.
Contact us for more information.



Mills: Conventional, Variable Friction, Roller Bearings, Chrome Rolls, Etc.
Presses: Manual & Motorized Hydraulics, Steam or Electric Heating, Etc.
Rheometers: Monsanto ODR 2000, MDR 2000, or R-100 Series
Tensile Testers
Electric Ovens
Monsanto R100 RheometerAutoclaves
Bale Cutters


Guillotine Cutters
Deflashers: Cryogenic, Conventional.
Roller Dies
Gear Reducers, Spare Gears. New & Used.
New Press Seals
Rolls: Mill Rolls, Refiner Rolls, Cracker Rolls, Calender Rolls
Extruder Screws: New & Used.
Die Heads: Straight, Cross, Sheeter, Etc). New & Used.
New SCR Drives: Analog & Digital
Motors AC/DC: New and Used.
New Press Controls: Allen-Bradley PLC For Fully Automatic Operation.
* Press Platens: Steam, Electric. New & Used.


Quality Used / Rebuilt Rubber Machinery