Rubber Machinery Rebuilding Services

Press Rebuilding- Slab Slides, 4-Post, Etc

  • Disassembly, sandblasting, and careful inspection.
  • Metallizing (spray welding with stainless steel or bronze); machining/grinding the ram; rebuilding and machining the cylinder (ram housing) interior and exterior, including the ram guiding sleeve and the packing area to obtain newly machined surfaces and NEW clearances. All work, including metallizing, is performed in-house.
  • Installing a new u-cup seal.
  • Priming & finish painting with GMI blue or gray anticorrosive paint or to color specifications.
  • Rebuilding or installing NEW bolster guides.
  • Installing NEW steam, oil, or electrically heated platens, NEW platen insulation, etc.
  • Installing NEW electrical/control panel with Allen Bradley PLC and color HMI/display for complete manual and automatic operation, temperature regulation, dual palm closing, etc.
  • Installing NEW pullback/side cylinders for faster opening and/or closing.
  • Designing and installing NEW Hydraulic systems using Vickers components.
  • Test Running the complete system with the customer’s representative present prior to shipping.

Extruder Rebuilding

Cold Feed, Hot Feed, Pin Types, Strainers, Performers
Disassembly, sandblasting, careful inspection, magnifluxing, etc.
Rebuilding gear reducer: install new bearings or gearing as needed, new oil seals, etc.
Installing rebuilt or new AC/DC variable speed motor.
Installing new variable speed AC or DC/SCR drive.
Installing new bimetallic liner 58-60 R or honing existing liner.
Rebuilding stock screw with stellite and grind OD to new clearances with barrel liner.
Designing and supplying new stock screw/barrel to specifications.
Installing new rotary joint with new spray pipe for screw cooling.
Hydrostatic pressure testing of cooling jackets.
Priming & finish painting with GMI blue or gray anticorrosive paint or to color specifications.
Installing new or rebuilt head to specifications.
Installing new electrical panel and operator control station with start, stop, speed potentiometer/indicator, reversing, temperature indicators, etc.
Supplying power roll feeding system, new or rebuilt.
Supplying new temperature control unit (TCU).
Test running the complete extruder under power with customer’s representative present.