NEW Conveyor Belt Presses, Item # 1278

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  • We offer a wide range of conveyor belt presses, ranging from 30″ (0.7 m) to 100″ (2.5 m) wide and up to 60 ft (20 m) in length.
  • The complete system consists of the MAIN PRESS (multi-frame design), a self-contained HYDRAULIC UNIT, a self-contained OPERATOR CONTROL UNIT (PLC driven), a CLAMPING/STRECHING UNIT (to clamp and stretch the belt before and after curing for better quality and to compensate for belt shrinkage), an EDGING UNIT (to automatically handle the steel bars that form the belt edges), and all related PLUMBING/VALVING/ WIRING COMPONENTS.
  • As part of our standard service, we offer TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE during installation at NO EXTRA COST.
  • And we can deliver a complete belt press in only 4-6 months and at a small fraction of the cost by other manufacturers.