44″ x 42″ French Oil Press, REBUILT, Item # 1470A4

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  • 1250 Ton @ 2450 PSI
  • 36″ ø ram
  • 12″ bolster
  • 13″-14″ stroke
  • 18¾” daylight
  • 46″ distance l-r between sides
  • Fully rebuilt ram, cylinder housing and gland ring to new clearances, including the installation of new bronze bushings (bearings) in cylinder housing and gland ring.
  • Optional: NEW operator control panel with PLC programmed for manual and automatic modes
  • digital temperature controllers, solid state relays, dual palm closing, pressure gauge, etc.
  • Optional: NEW hydraulic unit with tonnage/decompress, open/close directional valves, filter, oil cooling unit, etc. Electrical & hydraulic schematics are included.
  • Five similar presses are available IN STOCK for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY.
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