6″ NRM Silicone Extruder, Item # 895

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  • 6″ NRM Silicone Extruder, SN T5660, Order # 87675
  • Special Mill-XTruder, 12:1 L/D, cold feed, barrel jacketed for cooling
  • Screw cored for cooling through rotary joint
  • 12″ x 12″ feed throat opening, swing side (bolted) head.
  • Falk 15.4:1 gear reducer (SF=1.25) Reliance
  • 100HP/1750RPM/213A dc motor (variable speed, fan cooled)
  • Spectrum SCR drive. Unitized base. Two identical extruders available.
  • First one has been disassembled, inspected, verified in very good condition
  • Sandblasted, primed and painted with anticorrosive paint.
  • Overall dimensions: 16 ft long x 4 ft wide.

Product Features

Item #895
SN #T5660
Screw Diameter6 Inch
Cold/Hot FeedCoold Feed
Rotary Joint?yes
Variable Speed?yes
Motor Horse Power100 HP

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