6″ x 13″ Reliable Mill, Item # 1561

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  • Cabinet style
  • Dual (independent) 5HP variable speed motors/drives
  • Dual Fincor variable speed SCR drives
  • Control panel with front & rear RPM rheostats & gauges, start, stop, emergency stop, etc
  • Dual/independent gear reducers
  • Overhead safety bar, front and rear knee safeties
  • Manual bearing lubrication (zirc fittings
  • Rotary joints
  • Flip type stock guides
  • Hydraulically operated rear roll
  • Nice !

Product Features

Item #1561
SN #3911
DesignSelf-contained design, Cabinet Style -------
Rotary Joint?Yes
Variable Speed?Yes
Motor Horse Power5 HP
Control Panel?Yes
Overhead Safety BarsYes Inches
Front and Rear Knee SafetiesYes

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